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5 Places to Visit in Rome that Every student Can Afford

Ah, Rome. Traveling to Rome, Italy is a dream come true. Great history, delicious food, amazing architecture. So many museums, tourist sites, ancient ruins to visit! So many restaurants and gelaterias to attend. Though, what to do if you are only a student and your budget for the trip is quite limited. Don’t you worry! Rome doesn’t care how much money you have. It loves you no matter what! There are so many things you can do and see in Rome that do not require from you almost any money. Here are 5 places to visit in Rome that every student can afford.


Of course, it is impossible to visit Rome and ignore the Vatican. Who can do that? The Vatican is not exactly a cheap destination for a tourist. It may cost about €12, depending on where you want to go. Though, here are a few tricks for you. First, always use a student discount. Make sure to make an international student card ahead of your trip. That will save you a lot of money! Second, think about purchasing the Rome City Pass. It will give you a 20% discount on the majority of tourist sites, including the Vatican.

Roman Coliseum

Your Rome City Pass will work for Coliseum as well. Who can miss out on visiting such a unique historical building? Also, you don’t even need to pay for the ticket if you just want to see it. You can walk on the perimeter of the Coliseum for free. Have a pick inside if you like, it’s also possible. Though, if you really want to learn about what’s inside there, you can order a paper at They can write a full depiction of the history and use of this place.


Finally a free destination on our tour! Any aspiring artist should know what Pantheon is. This is where the infamous artist Raphael is buried. Besides this significance of the palace, you should visit Pantheon for its unique architecture. The entire area around is a true momento to ancient Italy. You can do my homework for me here and explore the rich history of this place online. Trust me, there is a lot to learn before entering this place.

Piazza Navona

We couldn't skip Piazza Navona in our top 5 places in Rome! You can hardly find a more iconic Italian place in the entire country. This place is particularly special for all the movie fans out there. There are hardly any American classics shot in Rome that don't have Piazza Navona scenes. The fountain is located in the very center of the historical part of Rome. It is free to enter, of course. Though, don’t forget to throw a coin for luck!

Street food

Now, this is not exactly a place you can visit but still, it is worth your attention. If you are worried that your tight budget won’t allow you to taste Italian foods, you are wrong. Who needs those expensive, touristic, overrated places anyway? The real Italian food is all around you! First of all, have some ice cream. Italian gelaterias should be at every corner. They are delicious, cheap, and very nutritious. Second, pizza. Don’t go for pizza in touristic places. Go deeper into the city and see where locals eat it. Follow them. It will be three times cheaper and ten times tastier.