The tradition of celebrating family and friendship,
in the Roman countryside.

La Famiglia Micheletta has always nurtured and shared the pleasure of gathering with friends in the countryside for the family's most important festive occasions. It is in this tradition that the Tartaruga Sabina was created. The villa owes its name, Tartaruga Sabina, to the family Micheletta's love for turtles (tartaruga is turtle in Italian, and Sabina is the name of the region).

Saverio Micheletta (the father) built the Tartaruga Sabina in the early 1980's. An inspiring work of architecture, the three-story villa was designed by Gustavo Polimeni to evoke the lines and vision of the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Connoisseurs of refined Italian style will luxuriate in the grace and harmony of its design, delight in the versatility and practicality of its appointments, and find endless inspiration and beauty in its setting. Tartaruga is a rare find - ideal for vacations, weddings, stylish parties, elegant company retreats, or simple relaxation in the Roman tradition.

For the Micheletta children, sharing the family villa is a special opportunity to expose Italian and international guests to the pristine (and often overlooked) beauty of a land they love -- a mere stone's throw from Rome.