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OSCO - Sabina DOP Olive Oil
The Extra Virgin of the Eternal City.

Osco is the name of an ancient language spoken thousands of years ago in Sabina, the beautiful region Northeast of Rome, land of the oldest olive trees in Europe.

Superb olive oil has been produced in the sweet hills of Sabina since long before the founding of Rome. Once the Romans discovered it, the oil of Sabina became the olive oil of La Città Eterna, and since then has been one of the most admired oils in all of Italy.

Sabina was the first region in Italy to receive the European DOP certification for an olive oil.

Osco Sabina DOP is produced by La Tartaruga Sabina, the villa and estate of the Micheletta family, along with carefully selected local growers.

Olio d’oliva di categoria superiore, pressed and unfiltered from a variety of hand-picked Sabina olives, it has a yellow-green color, a pleasant fruity aroma, and an assertive yet gently sweet taste.


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