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Sabina DOP DOP

Osco is a "Sabina DOP" extra virgin olive oil.

“DOP” stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (Protected Designation of Origin), a European Union seal of quality to designate a protected geographical status. To obtain the DOP seal, an olive oil has to go through a strict certification process that guarantees the oil comes from a designated region and that it is produced according to specific standards and techniques typical of that region.

The Sabina region was the first in Italy to receive the DOP certification for an olive oil. The seal “Sabina DOP” is given by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, a public authority, to those olive oils that are produced according to the very strict guidelines of the Sabina DOP’s Disciplinare di Produzione (Production Guidelines).

Such guidelines, substantially stricter than the International Olive Oil Council’s guidelines, closely regulate every single step of the production of Sabina DOP olive oil, including: the varieties of the olive trees allowed; the treatment of the soil and the trees; the time and techniques of the harvest; the timing and the procedure of the milling; the chemical composition and sensory quality of the final product; and the storing, bottling and labelling of the olive oil.

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