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A stay at the Tartaruga Sabina offers you the best of the countryside and the city...

Rome, close to the heart.

A stay at the Tartaruga Sabina offers you the best of the countryside and the city in one location. Because it is only thirty minutes from Rome city center by train or by car , guests at the Tartaruga have the rare advantage of being able to choose the rustic tranquility of the Sabina region or the excitement of Rome, all at a moment's notice.
Let your mood decide!

The Sabina region - history, beauty, tradition.

Celebrating an event at the Tartaruga Sabina or simply staying here is also a way of getting to know a land rich with history, culture and nature.

From the wealth of varied activities throughout the Sabina region, we have selected a list of itineraries that will take you through an enchanted, unspoilt region: a land of hills clothed with olive trees and oak woods, embraced by the Apennine mountains and scattered with small medieval towns, castles and monasteries.

• Sabina cultural itineraries:

Palombara Sabina (15 minute drive from the villa)
Palombara is a charming ancient town in the center of southern Sabina. It is built on a hill at the foot of mount Gennaro, surrounded by olive and cherry trees typical of the region.

Particularly interesting are the old town center with the beautiful Savelli-Torlonia castle on the top of the hill, and the Abbey of San Giovanni in Argentella

Tivoli (30 minute drive from the villa)
Tivoli is famous worldwide for two of the most beautiful villas of the ancient Roman era and the Italian renaissance; both are part of UNESCO's world heritage sites: Hadrian's Villa and Villa d'Este .
Less known but equally beautiful and worth visiting is Villa Gregoriana , natural park of great historical and artistic value.

Farfa Abbey (30 minute drive from the villa)
An ancient marvellous Benedictine abbey of the VIII century.

Sanctuary of Santa Maria in Vescovio (40 minute drive from the villa)
Evocative compound built around the ancient Cattedrale dei Sabini (Sabinos' Cathedral), and resting on the still visible ruines of the ancient Roman town Forum Novum.

• Sabina gastronomic itineraries:

The identity of the Sabina region is strongly linked to the production of olive oil. Renowned since ancient Roman times, the Sabina olive oil is still considered to be among the best in the world. It is the first olive oil in Italy to be granted protected designation of origin (DOP), which guarantees the high quality, provenance and wholesomeness. Here are a few itineraries that will allow you to discover it, taste it and appreciate it.

Route of the olive oil and typical products from the Sabina region
A route to get to know and appreciate the typical flavors of the local tradition.

Europe's most ancient olive trees
In Canneto, a suburb of Fara in Sabina, you can see one of the biggest and oldest olive trees in Europe: it is more than a thousand years old and it has a circumference of 7 meters.

Near the entrance of the cemetery of Palombara Sabina, you can find a huge and beautiful olive tree, which is probably the oldest olive tree in Europe. Locals call it by the nickname “Ulivò”. No one knows for sure its age, but recently scientists are trying to figure that out.

• Sabina landscape itineraries:

Monti Lucretili Regional Natural Park (30 minute drive from the villa)
A great natural treasure that offers matchless landscapes, evocative walks and pleasant excursions.

Mount Terminillo (one and a half hour drive from the villa)
"Rome's Mountain" is the gem of the central Apennine range, a must-see for the ski and excursion enthusiasts.

Nazzano Regional Natural Reserve (40 minute drive from the villa)
A truly special nature reserve that offers trails and observation shelters along the banks of the river Tiber, the "River of Rome", to spend a day close to nature or a relaxing outing by boat.

• Sabina recreational itineraries:

Cretone Spas (10 minute drive from the villa)
A spa with pools of natural sulphurous water.

Horse riding range (5 minute walk from the villa)
Horse riding is offered at a small riding range close to the villa, which will delight the guests and offer special discounts and deals.

Sport fishing (5 minute drive from the villa)
A short walk away from the villa there is a fishing-for-fee pond where enthusiasts may practice sport fishing.

Guidonia's Acqua Piper (30 minute drive from the villa)
The largest aquatic park in the region, full of entertainment for kids and adults.